Studio Policy

2016 Winston Music Studio Policy

(All students or parents please review this policy before beginning lessons.)

We are members of several professional organizations whose aim is to improve the quality of music education.  Some of these organizations include Music Teachers National Association, American Guild of Organists, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing.  These organizations set guidelines for their members in order to provide some uniformity in quality and expectations for students and their parents, as well as providing competition opportunities.  Most of our policies are based on these industry standard practices.


 Teacher:  It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide excellent instruction, and conduct lessons in a consistent and professional manner.   We are committed to each of our students and will strive to help them achieve their greatest potential both technically and artistically.  Students will be given performance opportunities and, when appropriate, competition opportunities.

 Student:  Students are expected to participate fully in their lesson experience.  This includes regular attendance and prompt arrival for weekly lessons, as well as participation in studio functions such as recitals.  In the event that the teacher runs a few minutes late starting a lesson, the time will be added to the end of the lesson or made up at another time if that is not convenient.  If the student is late, that time is lost.  The student is expected to be courteous and practice regularly between lessons.  Students should always arrive prepared with their music neatly organized and with a pencil for corrections.   Please keep any loose-leaf  music in a three ring binder.

 Parents (if student is a minor):  The parent is responsible for bringing their child to lessons on time and paying tuition at the beginning of each month.  If your student will miss their first lesson for any reason, please be sure to mail your tuition check.  We rely on prompt payments and do not wish to add any sort of late fee to our policy. Parents should also consider themselves a vital part of their student’s musical development, and encourage regular practice. 


It is highly encouraged that students record their lessons. Often we will provide practice aids via recording. We have in our studio a Marantz CD recorder which we can use to record practice aids for the student or student performances if the student has no electronic recording device.

 Practice and Attendance

 Consistent study and practice are the only ways to achieve any musical success.  The study of any musical instrument is a discipline and requires hard work.  While practicing is not always fun or easy, it is an absolute necessity.  Thirty minutes or even an hour of lesson time each week is not sufficient to provide musical growth, or even the most minimal note learning.  The teacher provides the tools for learning a piece and practicing it, but the student must follow through in a consistent manner.  While we cannot guarantee the same degree of success for every student, each student can reach their full potential and find enormous satisfaction in their musical abilities!


In order to receive a makeup lesson, the student or parent must provide 24 notice of the absence.   This includes conflicts caused by school extra-curricular rehearsals and performances or other activities, so please be sure to plan ahead.  Our studio schedule is very tight, and we are generally unable to re-arrange lessons or find extra slots, so please place your established private lesson time as a high priority. 

 If a student must miss a lesson and it is an excused absence, he/she may sign up for a makeup lesson.  Students may not make up more than two lessons per semester. Unexcused absences will not be made up.

One of the things that sets our studio apart is that we are professional performers maintaining an active performance schedule throughout the year. 

We know that “practicing what we preach” gives our students the best opportunity to succeed.  If we should miss a lesson for any reason, we will make every effort to make that lesson up as soon as possible.


Monthly tuition is $96.00 for 30 minute lessons and $144.00 for 45 minute lessons.  Lessons are held weekly, and tuition is due the first lesson of the month.  Tuition is a flat fee per month. We do not charge more for months with five lessons, but instead take various holidays throughout the school year which match school holidays. We do not prorate during the school term, and there are no cash refunds.  Please make all checks payable to Rebecca Winston.  As this is our salary, your timely payment each month is appreciated.  You may pay for a full semester or a full year in one payment if you would like. If your student will be missing the first lesson of the month, please mail your payment.


If the student (or parent if that student is a minor) wishes to discontinue lessons, then please inform Winston Music of the change as soon as possible so that we may fill that time from our waiting list.  Once we have been notified of the change, the student will be removed from the schedule the first week of the next month. 

If the student (or parent if that student is a minor) consistently fails to live up to the agreed studio policy, Winston Music reserves the right to drop that student from enrollment.  Winston Music also reserves the right to refuse service or to discontinue lessons at their discretion.  All changes to enrollment will be at the first week of the month for continuity of billing.


If your child does not drive, please be prompt in picking him up as we are occupied with our next student, and unable to provide supervision after their scheduled time has ended.

 Feel free to use the driveway to drop of your child.  However, if you choose to wait during your child’s lesson, please park on the street rather than in the driveway.  This frees up the area for other parents to drop off their child for the next lesson, as well as allowing our family to come and go from our garage .


We follow the public school calendar for major holidays.  Monthly tuition remains the same every month from September through May.  (Summer tuition is handled separately.)  We do not prorate for shortened months, vacations or missed lessons. There are no cash refunds.  Once a student has signed up for the school year, it is presumed that they will complete the term. 

 The studio will be closed for vacations during major school holidays.   This generally excludes Monday-only holidays such as Labor Day, Presidents' Day, Teacher workdays, etc.

All students are expected to perform in studio recitals.  This experience, as well as the opportunity to work towards a goal, are extremely in important in the student’s development.   Participation in competitive events is offered and encouraged when appropriate.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your child’s musical education.


Rebecca and Chris Winston 

Instruction Pricing

School Term Tuition 2016-17

30 minute lesson $96 per month

45 minute lesson $144 per month

Tuition is a flat fee per month.  I do not charge more for months with five lessons, but instead take various holidays throughout the school year which match major school holidays.

All months (Sept-May) are full tuition months. 

For more detailed information on tuition and studio policy, please see the Studio Policy.

Winston Music Instruction

UPDATED:  2016

Welcome to Winston Music and thank you for visiting our site.  Please take a moment to view all of the information. Feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any other questions.  

Our studio maintains instruments and equipment of the highest quality.  This includes a 7 foot Yamaha Concert Grand piano, digital recording equipment (including a direct to CD recorder in the studio, allowing students to record lessons to assist them during the week), electronic keyboards, MIDI equipment, and state of the art, professional recording equipment. 

 Please take care to have your student arrive and leave as close to his lesson time as possible.  We understand that things happen and people run late, but it is a distraction to the person who is in the next lesson.  Finally, if you are waiting for your student, please park at the curb as one of us my need to use the drive, as well as to keep the students entering and exiting the studio as safe as possible.

Please be sure to read our Studio Policy.  Feel free to ask for clarification on any questions you may have.